Analysis of Jio Prime Membership

In our previous study, we analyzed Reliance Jio’s 100 million subscribers milestone that got much appreciation by the people. The question however still remains, can Jio retain its subscribers? We analyzed the tweets concerning Jio’s prime membership scheme using our AI algorithms to explore the closest answer. Here is a brief account of the insights we pulled out.

Analysis of Jio prime membership

jio prime membership

The overall sentiment is still positive with a 67% score. A lot of people seem to favour the membership scheme and are looking forward to getting themselves enrolled.

jio prime membership

The word cloud for hashtags still has 100 million on Jio trending, discussed positively. The popular keywords include Jio prime members and the membership schemes, that too in a positive context.

jio prime membership
jio prime membership

The happy emotion has a surprisingly higher score compared to that on 100 million on Jio with a significant decline in the angry emotion among the people. This places the Jio scheme on an affirmative note.

jio prime membership

The Jio prime membership earns itself a hefty share of tweets, mostly positive. Take a look at some of the popular ones.

Jio asks you to enrol for the prime membership with a one time fee of INR 99 and then the plan will charge you INR 303 per month for data usage. However, the voice calls remain free. The deal sounds pacifying as compared to what other networks provide. And, people seem to be on board with it.

Here are some of the twitter influencers that have a stronger vocal share in the topic.

jio prime membership

Reliance’s Jio unit made a dramatic entry in the telecom market that could have been mistaken for a marketing fluke. On the contrary, it managed to earn itself a reputed and promising telecoms network image.

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