The self-titled Harry Styles’ debut album is out today and is appreciated beyond expectations based on an analysis of Twitter reactions. The ten magnificently produced songs completely transform his boy-band image to a level-headed songster. Unlike his former bandmates’ solo gush of pop, the songs in his album are enriched with weighty lyrics.

Other than listening to the tracks, we tracked #HarryStylesAlbum on twitter and came up with the following insights.

Overall Sentiment

The overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive for Styles’ debut album. The reason behind such success is the brilliant experimentation by Styles. He successfully transitioned himself from a boy band image and matured musically with lyricism and groove.

twitter reactions
                                                                                   A whopping 87%

Word Cloud

Although Harry Styles’ album was trending on twitter all day the word cloud is still owned by the Guardians of the Galaxy and we are not surprised. Guardians of Galaxy 2 created a great international aura with their Hindi trailer and twitter reactions went crazy. Check out our analysis on Twitter reaction to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

twitter reactions


The wonderful tracks from the album are drenched with multiple emotions and Twitter offers a majority of happy emotions in return.

twitter reactions

Harry Styles has certainly lived it up to his fans’ expectations with his new album and has gained much appreciation and possibly a widened fan base. is a division of ParallelDots. Karna is a social media marketing research platform. We collect and analyze millions of mentions from News, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and deliver AI driven in-depth insights through automated reports and custom analysis.

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