In 2014, Marvel Cinematic Universe dropped a bomb by the name Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie became the highest grossing superhero movie of 2014. It was liked by critics and commercial audience alike. MCU released the sequel this Friday. Volume 2 was expected to be as humorous and visually enchanting as its first part.

We monitored the official hashtag of the movie #GotGVol2 on twitter. You can check the complete report. Let’s dive right into our major findings from twitter.

The Buzz

The twitter conversations started to pick up around prime time on an opening day.

guardian of the galaxy

                                                          Tweet Activity of the Hashtag

Sentiment Analysis of guardians of the galaxy

guardian of the galaxy

                                                                             Sentiment Analysis

88% of the tweets carried positive sentiment. The audience definitely liked the adventures of the most unusual group of superheroes.

What did the audience talk about?

The hashtags in the tweet mostly mentioned the characters. Director James Gunn was also praised by a number of audience and critics for his work.

guardian of the galaxyguardian of the galaxy

                                                                Hashtag and Keyword Clouds

Baby Groot was also among the most talked about topics. Of course, who doesn’t like Baby Groot. He stole the show in the first trailer earlier and did the same in the movie as well. Here’s an article which talks about this in detail(Don’t worry, it is fairly spoiler free).

                                                                            He’s Groot, of course

Emotional Analysis

Twitteratti expressed positive emotion in favour of the movie. About a quarter of them were happy or excited about the movie.

guardian of the galaxy

                                                     The emotion expressed in the tweets

Guardians of the Galaxy was third on the list of highest grossing movies ever from Marvel Cinematic Universe and a similar figure is expected with its successor too. The opening day collections are reported to be around whooping $140M. Twitterati seems to love the movie as we observed from the analysis. You can find the complete report here, in case you want to explore more. If you have not seen it till now, we recommend, you go see the next show. is a division of ParallelDots. Karna is a social media marketing research platform. We collect and analyse millions of mentions from News, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and deliver AI driven in-depth insights through automated reports and custom analysis. 

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