SmartGaze As An Alternative to SMI/BeGaze (Eye Tracking)

In 2017, Apple acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) a German company with dedicated vision applications and a major focus on Eye Tracking. The news forms a part of the new era, where we can see the big players of the industry aiming to bring a new revolution in the virtual reality segment. With Facebook acquiring EyeTribe and Google’s takeover of Eyefluence, the demand for biometric tools and software has increased significantly.

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What does it imply for the researchers, or SMI users to be more precise?

With the acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), there comes a vital question in play. What the future holds for the Eye Tracking industry? Now that Industry players have started showing interest in the segment, the Eye Tracking market will show some disruptions. SMI acquisition will give a monopoly opportunity to the rival company Tobii.

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There come various other questions that might be making several SMI users anxious. For SMI customers, the future could well present some challenges. The clients we spoke with said that the researchers are left with no support. The continuous development that had previously been part of the customer experience with SMI will also eventually come to a halt. Because of these changes, SMI customers will have to seek new alternatives to the BeGaze.

One alternative could be that the current SMI customers want to switch, to ensure that the most advanced and up-to-date methods are available to them. For this, they will altogether have to go for the purchase of new devices which will eventually end up in incurring the cost of license purchase of both the hardware and the software.

The other alternative could be that they switch to a technology that is compatible with the eye-tracking glasses that they use. This method will prove to be less tedious and more cost-effective. This is where SmartGaze comes in.

SmartGaze — AI Solution for Eye Tracking

The better alternative to the BeGaze can be SmartGaze. SmartGaze helps you save your cost by automating the whole process and providing the AI-enabled output. SmartGaze is a cloud-based AI tool that helps in coding and generating insights. It reduces turnaround time and makes the whole process fast and reliable by automating the coding process with high accuracy. With SmartGaze you have the option of the pay-as-you-go. The tool is hassle-free. Its ease of compatibility with every Eye-Tracking glasses available in the market makes it a viable option for SMI users.

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SmartGaze uses Deep Neural Networks based architecture to analyze raw gaze videos. The algorithm understands what the key areas of interest (AOI) look like. Once that is done, it does the coding automatically. With SmartGaze you don’t have to deal with the hassle of switching glasses. Just upload the gaze coordinate file, videos and Template Image and the whole process will be fast and reliable with the help of AI. The rigorous training it has undergone enables it to provide accurate results within the stipulated time period.

At the moment the researcher can capture raw gaze videos from eye tracking glasses (any brand works, no constraints here) and upload the data on our tool. The output achieved will be accurate, time and cost-saving.

Want to try the tool? Click here to schedule a free demo.

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