Cristiano Ronaldo’s Magic proved to be too good for Atletico Madrid in yesterday’s UCL semifinal. Ronaldo opened up the scoring earlier in the first half before netting up twice later in the final quarter of the game. The famed Madrid Derby was supposed to be very competitive, especially being a Champions League semifinal, but it was Ronaldo’s night as the Portuguese netted his second hat-trick in consecutive UCL games.

We analysed twitter hashtag #UCL. You can find the full report here. Let’s dive into how Twitter reacted to Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid.

The Buzz of Ronaldo’s magic

The buzz started an hour before the match as expected. #UCL was tweeted approx 1,900 times per hour on an average.

Ronaldo’s Magic

Trends for #UCL

Overall Sentiment

The overall sentiment for the game was positive. Credits to Cristiano Ronaldo’s magic.

Ronaldo’s Magic

Sentiment Analysis for #UCL

Word Cloud

The accompanying hashtags were mostly related to Real Madrid owing to their dominance in the game.

Ronaldo’s Magic

Word Cloud for hashtags

Also, we extracted keywords out of the analyzed tweets. Ronaldo’s hat-trick was the talk of the night.

Ronaldo’s Magic
                                                                        Keywords Cloud

Emotion Analysis

Majority of the emotions expressed in the tweets were positive(Happy, Excited and Funny).

Ronaldo’s Magic

Twitter was happy and excited about the match

It was a night to remember for Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. Especially for Cristiano Ronaldo, who now stands at 103 UCL goals, netting 8 in last 3 games. Atletico Madrid has a mountain to climb now as Real Madrid are on the road to Cardiff, owing to their emphatic 3–0 lead. Read our complete report to explore more about #UCL. is a division of ParallelDots. Karna is a social media marketing research platform. We collect and analyse millions of mentions from News, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and deliver AI driven in-depth insights through automated reports and custom analysis. 

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