Trump-Modi meeting

“Relations with India better than ever,” said President Trump on his first meeting with PM Modi on Monday, June 26th. The meeting saw many handshakes and warm hugs shared by both the leaders. President Trump and PM Modi both spoke at length about military cooperation during a Rose Garden ceremony where the two leaders delivered joint statements. the trump-Modi meeting has drawn the attention of the whole world and international media was excited about the first-ever trump-modi meeting.

Being two of the most followed leaders on social media, President Trump even highlighted this fact by delivering this statement:

“The relationship between India and the United States has never been stronger, has never been better. I am proud to announce … that Prime Minister Modi and I are world leaders in social media.”

We deployed our Deep Learning powered text analytics capabilities on the 3,234 comments posted on the video. Let’s dive into the insights we gathered from the user comments on the video.

Intent Analysis

We analyzed the intent of the comments and here’s a breakdown of the same.

trump modi meeting
                                                                                     Intent Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment in the comments was majorly positive. We analyzed sentiment based on the intent of the comments. We analyzed only opinionated and relevant comments(opinion, feedback, appreciation and complaints) to give better insights.

Here, overall sentiment analysis took all the comment in the account. Whereas filtered sentiment is based on opinionated and relevant comments. As you can see, the number of neutral comments is significantly reduced in the filtered sentiment. This is attributed to the fact that we removed marketing, random and junk content, which generally gives a neutral sentiment.

trump modi meeting

                                             Overall and Filtered Sentiment Analysis

Word Cloud of Trump-Modi meeting

The most talked about keywords in the comments:

                                                      Keyword clouds for the Facebook comments

Emotion Analysis

We analyzed the emotions of opinionated and relevant comments. You can see the breakdown below:

trump modi meeting

Emotion Analysis of Filtered Comments

Top Comments

trump modi meeting

                                  Top comments on the post

As you can see in the top comments, the American audience seems to be pretty happy with the meeting, lauding both President Trump and PM Modi, and the India-US partnership.

The meeting is taken in good spirit by the Facebook audience despite the fact that President Trump does not carry the best of the image as POTUS. Also, it is good to notice the ever-strengthening relationship between the US and India. Back in 2016, Trump promised to strengthen ties with India in his agenda. Seems like the steps have already been taken. Here’s to a good future.

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