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Eye tracking using wearables

In 2017, Apple acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) a German company with dedicated vision applications and a major focus on Eye Tracking. 

This created lots of questions in the minds of legacy users of SMI eye-tracking systems. The clients we spoke to, told us that SMI has completely withdrawn its support from eye-tracking customers. It is now focusing solely on VR applications as a part of Apple. However, for the SMI users, this leads to an uncertain future with challenges. So what alternatives does an SMI user have?

One alternative is to entirely replace the existing SMI products by purchasing new devices and software from some other company. This, however, is a costly solution. You end up discarding SMI glasses that are working perfectly and have some more years of life in them.

Introducing SmartGaze- An Automated Eye Tracking Coding Device

But there is a second alternative which can have advantages of 1) Making your existing eye-tracking process more efficient, and 2) Ensuring you get to have a smooth transition when your existing SMI glasses eventually stop working due to wear and tear. You can achieve this by using SmartGaze software along with your SMI glasses. SmartGaze is a wonderful replacement for BeGaze. It helps analyze gaze videos without the need for any manual coding (and of course without compromising the accuracy of analysis). The cool thing is that along with SMI, SmartGaze is also compatible with leading hardware players like Tobii and Pupil-Labs – thereby paving the path for a smooth transition in the future when you think your old SMI glasses have run out of steam. We are helping our clients manage this situation and I will be happy to walk you through how this works 🙂

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