AI Analysis on Google I/O conference 2017

Google emanated yet another annual I/O developer conference on May 17th. Like the previous ones, this one also had a lot of announcements from Google. The conference started with the Google CEO sharing the company statistics in the context of the active and new users. This year’s big picture was the touch of Artificial Intelligence in all of its products, like Google Lens, which will tell you what your camera is looking at. Google is also adding more features to Google Assistant and making it more conversational on Android and now on IOS devices as well.

Now Google is spending the tremendous amount in Artificial Intelligence and they experimenting with their existing product and services. According to Google AI is the Future.

We tracked #IO17 and analysed Twitter reaction to this year’s conference. Here are the snippets of our AI analysis:

Overall Sentiment AI Analysis

The majority sentiment remained positive for the subject of matter.

AI Analysis

Positive Sentiment

Word Cloud

The word cloud contained most of the keywords that were covered at the conference. Be it “incredible camera lens” or tensor flow, referring to Google’s own processing units chips for machine learning whose second generation is also here.

AI Analysis

A word cloud (keywords)


The emotions associated with the topic were fairly positive with a mix of happy and excited emotions.

AI Analysis

Overall Emotions

With all exciting announcements from Google, this year’s I/O conference remains a hit. Read the full report here. is a division of ParallelDots. Karna is a social media marketing research platform. We collect and analyse millions of mentions from News, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and deliver AI driven in-depth insights through automated reports and custom analysis.

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