Sentiment Analysis of the Cricket Fan’s of India and Pakistan

Yesterday was certainly a huge day in the history of cricket. India vs. Pakistan Champions Trophy final was the third most viewed match in the history of sports. The match between two great rivals, like most of the matches, remained one-sided. But this time, the underdog Pakistan ended up lifting the Champions Trophy. Pakistan crushed India by a massive score but it didn’t crush the sportsmanship among the players of any of the teams. Kohli won a lot of admiration from the people of Pakistan after he was over the top in his applause of their team after the final.

 A Surprisingly Affirmative Reaction to Champions Trophy Final

Despite the disappointment corroborating India’s defeat, fans took it exceptionally well.

sentiment analysis
Respect for the game

We did our AI analysis on people’s reaction on Twitter and Facebook to this groundbreaking match. Here are the snippets of our analysis.

Overall Sentiment Analysis

The overall sentiment among the people was positive on both Twitter and Facebook.

sentiment analysis

Facebook Sentiment Analysis

sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

Word Cloud

sentiment analysis

The word cloud doesn’t include any solid hate words. There were no complaints from the Indian team’s performance, instead of a streak of appreciation for the rival team. Also, fans didn’t forget to mention the good things about the match like Hardik Pandy’s innings and Muhammad Amir’s brilliant bowling.


Emotions Analysis

This match probably had a ton of emotions invested in it. And, the results returned a majority happy emotions along with a little sad and angry feelings which is understandable. India lost!

People celebrated the spirit of cricket through a legendary final match and not just the victory of a team.

Tim Woodrow@timcwoo

No grumbles about the pitch, umpires, the rules or the opponents..refreshing to just witness a fair contest between 2 great teams

It certainly was a fair contest between two great teams and there were efforts on both sides which was appreciated with an effusive game spirit. Read the full report for our AI analysis on Twitter and Facebook.

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