The development of any industry triggers the always increasing competitive field to surface. Monitoring your competitors’ market presence has become an important practice for maintaining your own. The insights you get from this analysis help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. This can be a fiddly task and thus we have tools to pacify the efforts a little. This article lists 10 amazing competitor analysis tools categorized according to the purpose they serve.

SEO /Keyword Planner

competitor analysis

  • iSpionage — It gives you a set of reports to analyze your competitors’ paid traffic. It shows the keywords used in your competitors’ PPC campaigns, as well as the CPC, average search volume, average position in the ranking, and more. You can also use iSpionage to analyze your competitors’ advertisements and landing pages as well.
  • Traffic Travis — You can find the rank of your competitor based on any keyword of choice using Traffic Travis. Also, you can check if the rank is increasing or decreasing. See which keywords perform the best for your competitors and there you have your tool to outperform them. This tool can be very effective from the SEO point of view. Working on the right keyword improves your webpage ranking tremendously.


competitor analysis

  • Fanpage Karma — It is important to follow your competitors’ social media channels. Just enter the name of the competitor and check out EVERYTHING. From their best performing posts to the increase in their number of followers on a weekly basis. Using the reports from this competitor analysis tool, you can learn about the best performing topics for posts, optimize the time to post so as to bring maximum engagement and much more. This tool helps you in link building as well. You can use it to know about all the platforms where your competitors’ content has been shared and who is sharing it.
  • Karna– Using ParallelDots’ digital media monitoring tool, you can have a complete competitor analysis on a single dashboard. You can track your competitors’ mentions and their products’ performance in the entire online world. Based on the data from all the major social media platforms and web pages, you get a complete analysis of the sentiments around the keyword. You can set your competitors for keyword and track everything you need to know about them.
competitor analysis

It also allows you to find the social media influencers that directly or indirectly impact the brand. Once, you get a fair idea about the influencers, you can reach out to them and persuade them for influencer marketing. You also get the word cloud of popular hashtags and keywords like most of the other social media monitoring tools. But here, the word cloud also tells you which words are positively (green) spoken for and which ones are the negative (red) tale carriers. Also, you can get a close idea about the gravity of a particular keyword according to its size.

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Content Discovery through Competitor Analysis

  • Buzzsumo — This content discovery tool enables you to analyze the best performing content by topic or competitor based on the number of social shares via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You can carry out competitor analysis on the basis of their content. When you know what engages the audience, you can get inspired for content ideas.

competitor analysis

PPC Marketing and Competitor Analysis

competitor analysis

  • Moat — It is a multi-functional tool for the advertising industry. It is basically a spy to find out what ads are running on different websites and top brands. Also, it provides you a step by step guide to place your own ads. And, needless to mention, ads are one of the most indispensable ways for marketing your products and selling your brand.
  • SEMRush — This tool lets you analyze competitors’ paid traffic. A subscribed plan has a lot to offer but if you want to give it a try first, the free version also provides limited reports about organic traffic, paid traffic, and backlinks.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

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  • Whats My SERP — This tool lets you enter and save your domains, keywords, competing domains, and region. So, there is no need to re-type them every time you want to check the SERP position for all your keywords. It also tracks the SERP results for your keywords, so you can easily see if you are trending higher or lower for those keywords. One great feature of this tool is that it tracks the current, previous, and the best SERP position, so you can track how you have been performing so far.

Web Traffic and Ranking

  • WooRank — Why would you need to set your mind to work when the tool tells it all? This tool gives smart suggestions on its own to improve the performance of your site. Simply, create your project and set your goals. The goals you set are typically based on improving your strategies and the overall performance compared to that of your competitors’. Using WooRank, you can track your progress based on the goals you set and compare it with that of your competitors.

Backlink Analysis

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  • Linkody — This is an easy to use backlink analysis tool. Here, everything is automated on your behalf. It offers some really exciting features like notifying you when you gain or lose links, pinpoint and dismantle spam links. It also gives a sneak peek of what your competitors are doing. Linkody is the tool that can not only find all the competitor backlinks but also filter them, do a CSV export and shows you which backlinks link to your competitors that have not been linked to you.

For running a successful business, there should always be a room for continuous development and the key to it is getting ahead in the learning curve. This can be done by learning about past performances from analytics, learning about what’s yet to come by monitoring the trends in data and knowing about the industry trends by going through the competitive topography. Staying in the market and maintaining your brand’s reputation is not a piece of cake. Tables can always turn. Putting in little efforts can give you an upper hand in the competition. Improving your success online is all about continuous development and learning. These competitor analysis tools make the process easy. In this whole rat race, you should know that your competitors are doing just the same, so it becomes completely important to master all the techniques. Analyzing your competitors’ online marketing strategies and incorporating their best practices into your plan of action and learning from their mistakes gives you an upper hand. These tools can be very helpful just to do that if you know how to make good use of them.

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